Saturday, April 19, 2014

A Little Travel and Some Fabric Tourism

I am sorry for falling off the face of the earth and I am also sorry that a lot of my posts seem to start out this way.  I have been pretty busy with work and life but I wanted to fill you all in on my latest excursion.

Last weekend I took a drive up to Boston (a 10.5 hour drive) to see my mama and to go to a friend's wedding.  I only had three days up there total but I really wanted to see if I could participate in a little fabric shop excursion whilst in the area.  I had read on Colette Patterns blog about a little shop called Grey's Fabrics, and I knew that if I were in the area I had to take the opportunity for a visit.

I will tell you that I was so incredibly impressed with this shop! It was even better than I could've imagined.  In addition their shop is just so, cool!  I walked in there and thought to myself that a shop like this would inspire anyone to make their own clothes.

The next thing that so thoroughly impressed me was their amazing selection of indi pattern designs.  I discovered some pattern companies that I had never even heard of before.  Plus every Colette Pattern I could want.  I had to restrain myself so that I didn't break the bank.

I think that the person who orders their fabric deserves a round of applause.  They have cultivated an incredible array of fabric.  There is a congruity to what they have chosen which makes it incredibly easy to choose what to purchase.  Within minutes of going in I picked a fabric for a skirt and something for a blouse to match.

The fabric I purchased for my skirt was this amazing cotton sateen from designer Joel Dewberry for Free Spirit Quilting Fabric.  It was $15 a yard and has an amazing hand.  Then I bought this red cotton voile to make a blouse to go with it for $10 a yard.   I was really impressed that the prices were fair and and the quality impeccable.  

They also have a very fine selection of notions (also very fairly priced I might say), they were things that you don't find everywhere.  I purchased some thread wax and glass head pins, but the real winner was this seam allowance ruler.  Grey's has their own brand of rulers of which the seam allowance ruler was one.  They are great, a really helpful tool for adding a little SA, if you know what I mean.

This tool is fantastic!  This store is fantastic! If you have the opportunity to check them out in person you should make it a priority. If you are not going to find yourself in Boston anytime soon they also have an online store.

One more cool thing I saw, on their online store was this cigar box sewing kit. Doesn't hurt that it happens to be on sale, but it is a fantastic price.  It has everything you could need if you're getting started. Plus like everything else about Grey's it's just plain Cool!