Thursday, September 26, 2013

Favorite Sewing Trend: The Peter Pan Collar

Many of you who know me know that I love a good peter pan collar!  I love them so much that I have got my wife wearing them too!  In any case they are my latest obsession when it comes to sewing.  I look at all the fabric I've purchased and think to myself, "It would look great with a Peter Pan Collar." Usually, I'm right!

It is a very versatile detail that can be taken into so many different directions.  It has it's roots in vintage fashion and you can absolutely take it there.  It's classy and sweet, just the thing to make everyone think you're darling and non threatening, then it's your time to pounce! Ok that went a little far, but you get the idea.

This classic look is perfect in contrasting fabrics like the illustration above.  It is a wonderful way to really pop the detail.

Then of course as I am sure many of you have seen, Peter Pan collars are all over popular fashion.  I mean just pop over to Modcloth, every other item has a Peter Pan collar.  You can even get them as a jewelry piece, it's a crazy amount of awesome!
What are your thoughts on the Peter Pan collar?  Do you have a project in mind?  I will be dropping a few projects of my own.  Pumped to see what you all will come up with.

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