Friday, February 20, 2015

Fabulous Space, Finally

Well I must tell you that moving furniture and changing up my space was quite an undertaking. I wasn't quite cursing the creator of Ikea furniture, but I did have more than one moment of frustration. I never really consider how much stuff I have until I try to move it from one spot to another. I have in the past lost steam midway through projects like this, so this time I created an incentive for myself. That incentive was the new machine that my hot wife bought me this weekend. I would not set it up until everything was done.

The first part of my battle was to move my junk from one room to the other.This was easier said than done. My apartment is very small and tight and so it was difficult to physically maneuver the furniture through the doors. I had to "pivot" in the words of Ross from friends. Most of my stuff went into my kitchen awaiting it's new home.

I thought that the day bed would be the most difficult to move but it actually wasn't super terrible. I had to flip the frame on it's back and three point turn it into my new bedroom. Then the drawer was all about sliding. I flipped it onto it's back and slid it right into place. The slats did all fall off with the exception of one . I hate the slatted bed system from Ikea, if only it weren't so comfortable and practical! Ugh, what can you do.

The hardest part was this huge table which is the base for my cutting table. I was afraid that I would have to get my ratchet out and unscrew the base from the top, but I didn't have to do that! Hooray!

Once everything was generally in place It was time to clean. I hate cleaning, but I had renewed purpose! I had to break out my new machine! I finished the bedroom first so that if I lost steam I could have a place to sleep.

Then came my mountain, the studio. I think it came out pretty well, I can't wait to get working in there.

You see that open space next to my serger? I wonder what is going there? That's right, it's my Bernina! The time has finally come to unpack it! AHHHH I'm so flippin' excited!

Well there she is. My beautiful Bernina. I'll be getting deep into my sewing when I get home from work. So more on that front, very, very, soon!

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