Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The importance of space and environment when it comes to creativity

My sewing space has always been important to me, but lately I am noticing that I am even more finicky about the aesthetics of my studio as well as it's orientation. When I moved to Pennsylvania into my tiny little apartment I thought I set the whole thing up perfectly.

So currently I have this large bedroom and a smaller studio. The longer I live here the more I realize that I do not need a bigger bedroom. Who was I kidding? Aside from the fact that I just don't need the space of a larger bedroom there are other problems with my apartment's current layout. Firstly that the current bedroom has no door. I live alone right now so it's not a privacy thing, it's more of a drafty thing. My apartment has baseboard heat which is regulated room by room. Basically I'm cold. Also I just do not need that much space! You know where I do need the space? In my studio obviously.

Here is the current layout:

This is the studio currently, I really like it but I could use a little more space and honestly in the bedroom I could use tighter warmer quarters. So basically I am a planning genius...the second time around.

Then of course there's the bedroom, just look at all of that space!

A peak at the layout of the future:

Part of the impetus for the big change, is that for Valentines Day the most amazing wife in America bought me a Bernina. Honestly it just didn't feel right to set her up in an inadequate space. I am in tech week right now and the process is not leaving me the adequate time to passionately re-invent my space. UGH! Tonight is final dress so the true revamp will happen tomorrow. Pictures forthcoming.

What does your sewing/creative space look like? What things are important to you in that space? Is it the light? Is it organized in a way that puts all your tools at your finger tips? Let me know what's important in your space? When I figure it out I'll tell you what's important in mine.

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