Friday, March 20, 2015

Electric Purple and Sequin Leopard

Every once in a while, as I am perusing the wares at my local textile dispensary, my fingertips will graze an item so deliciously dangerous and out of my normal taste, that I simply cannot fight the urge and I must make it mine. This happened to me recently with an electric purple twill and a black sweater knit with matte gold sequin leopard print pattern. So basically these fabrics are amazing.

I made my own skirt pattern and then I'm sure you guessed it, I rolled out a Gertie pattern for my top. I did her knit sweetheart top and it is so cute!!!

I want to have a moment for my pattern weights. They look like gold spools of thread and they are so awesome. My friend Todd made them on his lathe and they are one of my absolute favorite sewing tools. They are the perfect weight and the perfect size. As you can see I am in love!

The quandary I had was how I was going to bind the neck and sleeve edges. That is when I took a little peek at the fabric and saw that they had made this sweater knit with a very generous band of unsequined fabric near the selvage. Score! I used that to bind my edges and I was super pleased!

Another bonus in finishing this project was that I got to spend more time with the ever so talented Mary, for our little photoshoot. We had some beers, delicious, and then we split a bucket of endless wings, also delicious. We refilled that stuff three times. I will say that the bartender was trying to be stingy with wings, but we were like, "We're growing girls and that menu item said endless, so keep em' coming...please" They were delicious!

I had so much fun in both the making and the photographing. I was thinking that perhaps the next project we could shoot outside, but mother nature just dumped another 6" of the awful white stuff on us. Will it never end? Well more soon!


  1. Love the top - looks much better than the striped one in the book to me! And I love those pattern weights ;o)

  2. Thanks Colesworth. I saw the fabric in the store and I knew I just knew what it was meant to be. I really like it, I think I will make the top again. I'm going to make some changes next time I make the skirt but I still love it. The color is so enticing.

  3. This top is on my to do list. I have some beautiful cottons to use, and I'm sure I'll have at least a couple of them for this summer.

    Your fabric is gorgeous. I think the pattern is quite versatile depending on the fabric used. Ah, and lovely pattern weights!

  4. Thanks Elena. I love this top. It's good with a skirt or jeans. So versatile. I look forward to your version!