Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Spring for Cotton is ON!

Okay, so now that I have waded into the water of my dress/vest situation, I have decided that I do in fact love it. I've been fascinated figuring out this puzzle and how to put it all together.

I have chosen my fabric. I am going with a 100% cotton Chambray from Gertie's new fabric line at Joann's, it has these brilliant red printed polka dots. They're amazing. And I'm pairing it with a solid white 100% cotton shirting.

After trying on my muslin I did adjust the fit a wee bit. I mean don't get me wrong it went on my body but it looked painted on my body. I loosened it up a little bit by just adding a 1/4" to the side seam of each pattern piece. It just needed the barest breath of space.

Aside from the fact that she needs a press I am happy with the result. She'll have buttons up the center front of the bodice, a side zipper, and a dirndl skirt. I like the little fold back almost shirtwaist feel of the bodice. On the back of the neck is a little mandarin collar that I am going to attach the vest to with a button the inside on the center back.

I laid the mock up for the vest over the bodice and I really liked it, so full steam ahead. My next step was to cut and assemble the vest.

Now here is the problem that I have. As I usually do with collars I only interfaced one side of the vest. I chose the part that would be facing out at the neck edge. Now the front lacks the crispness that I want it to have and you can see the ripples where the button loops sit in the seam allowance. It feels crazy but I think I am am going to remove all the buttons, open her back up, and re-interface the other side of the fabric. I just can't handle the ripples. Oh Dear.


  1. I love the look of those Gertie chambrays (wondering if we'll get them down under, we've had the poly crepes only so far). Good luck with your loop situation, looks like it's coming along well anyway.

    1. Thanks! I hope you all get the chambrays too. The wash up quite well. I really like the red dots too. Are you Springing for Cotton Colesworth?