Sunday, April 19, 2015

Spring for Cotton Photoshoot

I finished my Spring for Cotton dress and now here is the much lauded and talked about photoshoot results. My dear friend Mary, brought me to the undeveloped portion of the Gym building she goes too. It was an amazing place to shoot! Mary is incredibly talented. She makes everything look as good as it possibly can. I love these photos.

After this whole long journey, losing almost 30 lbs., new job, and rolling the derby, I'm just so happy. I like how I look and even more than that, I like how I feel. One bitter sweet thing is that now some of my measurements are smaller than my dress form. It's so sad, dress forms are expensive, but at the same time yay for me.

I love this shoot. Can't wait to do more! I'm working on a new dress with teacups on it. Perhaps in a tea shop or something. We'll see what the incredibly talented Mary thinks.


  1. You got some great pics - The dress and vest came out so well, the dress looks really good with or without the vest ;o)

  2. Thanks. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I love the dress without the vest.

  3. I love the outfit and the pictures. Awesome work.