Monday, May 4, 2015

Me Made May Day 2 & 3

Here we go with a little mini round up of my Me Made May outfits for May 2nd and May 3rd. On the 2nd I wore one of my absolute new favorites, my teacup dress. It is awesome for work and of course it has pockets. This dress is going to continue to get a lot of play. The lovely lady at the cutting counter at Joann's took this for me.

Yesterday on the third we took our work study students roller skating. I was vexed over what to wear and so I threw on this new cowl neck t-shirt I whipped up recently. I'm going to post about it soon, but it is really comfortable. Plus I got to throw on my skates!

These shorts are from 30 lbs ago, I had to lock them down with a belt, but it was so hot I could not wear pants! They were swimming on me. I think I see a shorts project in my future!

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