Friday, May 22, 2015

Not a Sports Fan, but I Love this Colorado Rockies T-Shirt

I am not a sports fan. I like playing sports, but watching them, following a team, the whole majesty of that is lost on me. My dear mother sent me a whole bunch of t-shirts and sweat pants that she got on clearance. In the mix was this Colorado Rockies t-shirt. It's this kimono sleeved garment with a large cowl neck and waistband. It is really comfortable and very soft. Only downside? It says Colorado Rockies on the front. Solution? Copy the pattern and make another.

All I did was trace the around the garment with my ponce wheel and then I flat patterned the collar and the waist band. The pattern boils down to five very simple shapes. I tested it our in this striped jersey from Joann's that I have had for forever.

I only had a yard of the fabric so I had to cut judiciously. I was very careful about my stripes and I have to say that I am really proud about how it matched up on the sleeves and side seams. It kind of chevrons on the sleeves and the stripes go right around the body on the side seams.

I also got to break out my coverstitch to do the edges of my sleeves and the collar. I used the triple top stitch and I think it came out great. It neatly follows the edge of the last stripe on the collar.

I am newly delving into knits and I have to say this project was fun and quick and may have me hooked on knit wear.

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