Friday, August 23, 2013

Coffee Date Dress becomes Peplum Blouse.

Recently I discovered Project Sewn.  It's a pretty great website that hosts sew-a-longs and fashion sewing contests.  Long story way short, it's awesome.

Their latest sew-a-long is the Coffee Date Dress by The Selfish Seamstress.  It's a free, that's right I said free, pattern available on Burda Style. It's a really cute pattern, yet it remains simple enough that you can really personalize it.

I really enjoyed it although I have to say I do not relish printing patterns at home and taping them together.  Not my favorite thing ever.

I decided a couple things about my version of this fantastic dress.
  1. I did not in fact want a dress.  I wanted a peplum blouse.
  2. I wanted a 40's esque 3/4 sleeve.
  3. I was  not sold on the ruffle but I was willing to give it a shot.
I did try the ruffle but it was not for me.  I am a busty lady and lets just say it did me too many favors in that region.  It had to go.  The last thing this womanl needs is a blouse that makes my girls look even bigger.

Also I don't know why exactly but I just thought that this dress was primed to be a peplum blouse.  I have been looking for the right pattern and opportunity to make one and this just felt right.

I did however run into a little snafu.  During my debate over the ruffle I put it on and then tried to take it off one more time with a seam ripper. I succeeded in ripping a hole in the top right near the neck edge.  So I made a decision, I was going to save it.  One of the best pieces of advice I've ever received was, "If you can't fix it, Feature it."  I took that to heart and that is how I ended up with this detail:

 I love it and I think it's great!  Next thing to tackle was the sleeve.  So I drafted up a pattern and got on it.  On thing I really wanted to do was add fullness at the cap.  Mission accomplished.

It has some great tucks and pleats and it's comfy!

I really love this coffee date pattern.  It was great to test out and make up.  Till next time.


  1. The little pleats in the sleeves are darling!!! And I love it as a cute on!!!

    1. Thank you! I wish it had photographed a little better. The seersucker is playing tricks on the camera, but I'm really happy with it.

  2. very cute! I love that you turned an oOOPs into a cute detail!! I also linked up to the sew along and am having fun looking at all the other projects!

    1. Thanks! I just checked out your creation! I love the color. It is one of the worlds most dreaded sounds when you hear that tear and you you weren't just catching threads. But I did he the chance to use some of my vintage buttons.