Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Studio Overhaul...It begins.

This spring I went away to work as a Co-Craft Shop Supervisor at the Opera Theatre of St. Louis, or OTSL.  It was great and I had a wonderful time.  The slight hitch happened when I got back.  I basically dropped everything in my studio space and left it to be a hot mess.  AHHHH!

Then on top of that I was wicked lazy and basically started just pushing things to the side of my table or onto the daybed rather than put stuff away.  Well last night I hit my breaking point and my overhaul began.  Here is what it looked like before I got started:

Ok, I am honestly embarrassed to show this to you guys. It was in quite a state.  I must say that I am not a tidy person, but I did marry one.  When a space gets to the point where I can no longer work in it because it is too chaotic, that means it is BAD!

So while it is not done yet, here is the work on my desk and my fabric/supply shelves:

It already feels so much better to me. I am actively excited to finish the rest of the room.  Stay tuned for the rest of the mini projects in the studio.  Can't wait! Hooray!

What does your craft space look like? What is your favorite part?  I'd love to see it/share it.  Can't wait to hear from you all.


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