Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Anise Day 3...Kind Of

Alright, so here it is, already I am falling down on the challenge.  I worked late today and then had to brave the grocery store, clean my kitchen, and feed myself.  Day three seemed void of any actual semblance of daytime.

Day 3:

  1. Cut out all your pieces
  2. Apply your interfacing
  3. Stitch your underlining to your jacket pieces.
While the list is seemingly shorter than yesterday it is deceptive.  There are four different types of material just to cut! That is crazy! You have to cut the interfacing, the muslin underlining, the lining, and the main fabric.  I can tell you, its alot.

So sadly I must disappoint and tell you that I have only cut my interfacing and muslin.  Tomorrow will be Day 3.5 and I will finish the steps for Day 3. It must be said that I think they probably meant more time than the two hours before go to sleep when they said Day 3.

To make up for not finishing my mission I will enclose a picture of the cutest puppy ever.  This is Figaro when he was just 4 months old:

Just look at that little face and try not to have a good night.  I dare you.  Till tomorrow!

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