Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Mad Men Challenge

I know I am supposed to be posting about Day 3.5 of my personal Anise challenge. However my work life is complicating my sewing life, but I could not have my sewing life without my work life. Once again I got home late and was left with minimal time to continue.  What I wouldn't give for eight days straight with no work and all personal projects.  I did finish cutting everything, all I have left is fusing the interfacings and stitching the underlinings on.  I imagine that will happen tomorrow evening after work.  I have high hopes.

I just wanted to write a quick blurb before bed to plug Julia Bobbin's Mad Men Challenge.  This is the third installment of the Mad Men Challenge inspired by AMC's hit show Mad Men.  I will admit that I have only watched the first season of the show but the clothes were always stunning!

I have seen the results of the last two challenges but I always seem to miss the beginning.  Not this year! This year I am on the front lines!  I have seen a lot of things that I really love from the costumes on the show, but I have to say that my fashion inspiration is definitely Joan! She's hot, curvy, she also walks with sass and attitude.  I gotta do it!

Now here's the chink in my chain when it comes to this challenge.  I want to make something that I will wear a lot and a good deal of Joan's wardrobe might not function for me on the day to day. For me it is going to come down to fit.  I can't have something quite as tight as Joan may wear. The costume designer just really knows how to highlight her finer points and as we share similar features I thought I might do the same for myself.

I have found two of her costumes in particular that speak to me.

I am just in love with this suit.  The ruching at the center front in combination with the droopy bow is amazing.  I also love that the fabric from the shell underneath it all is the facing on the turn back cuff.  Knowing what I know about vintage sewing and details, I bet that same fabric is also the lining!  I bet that slides on ever so nice.

This garment for me is probably the more functional of the two in terms of day to day wear.  I evokes for me some of the wearability of a 1940's shirt dress, only with the sex appeal turned up to eleven.  I really have a love for covered buttons and I think the collar is wonderful.  Plus the knotted scarf at the center front of the neck edge is really playful and draws your eyes to all the right places.

From color to cut I just think these outfits are great.  What I particularly want to focus on in creating this look is vintage sewing details.  I love the idea of really entrenching myself in bound button holes, covered buttons and hand sewn hems. Which one d you like best?  

My friend Rachel and I are going to endeavor to climb this mountain together and I hope that will make getting a flawless fit a little easier.  While I can do a lot with a stack of pins and a quality mirror, nothing beats an extra set of hands.

Are you inspired by the fashions of Mad Men?  Will you be joining this amazing challenge? Write a comment telling me which character inspires you, and what you love about vintage styles from the 50's, 60's, and 70's.

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