Sunday, May 4, 2014

Another day of Me Made May.

I love the pieces in my outfit today.  That said, now that I have seen a picture I don't necessarily love them together but what can you do.

My top is the Portrait Blouse pattern from Gertie's New Book for Better Sewing.  The patterns from Gertie's book are some of my absolute favorites and this is my second version of this one.  One of the things I love most about them is that even being a curvy lady I have had to make very few adjustments to the patterns.  I made this blouse in a cotton voile and it is just so light and comfortable to wear.  The only modification I made to this version was that I added two inches to the hem so that I wasn't displaying my navel. I'm not on team crop top, especially for myself.

My skirt is made from a khaki twill with a navy twill contrast for the pockets. It washed up well and is soft and comfortable but holds it's structure nicely.  With this shirt on you can't really see it but it is fairly high waisted.  The only thing I may do differently in the future is to remove some of the fullness and flare from my center front panel, I like my skirts a little less full.

Also can we have a moment for my awesome wife who surprised me with a dress form trellis for our garden?  That woman knows me and clearly loves me a lot.  Thanks for being behind the camera on this magic shot babe.

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