Saturday, May 10, 2014

The best thing I have ever made, worn today for Me Made May.

I feel like everyone has the one item that they immediately think of and beam with pride.  What is interesting is that it's not always the the item you spent the most time or money on.  For me the projects I fall in love with are those where I go out of the box and put all my creativity into.

The dress I wore today had all of that in it.  It is a dress I did for the Colette Patterns Laurel competition. I entered it specifically in the self-made fabric category.  I dyed the fabric, screenprinted the motif, and then I did all of the embroidered embellishments.  I can't get enough of this dress, it is probably the most complimented dress I've made.

Over time the green I had dyed it did fade a little but it is still a blast to wear.   I just love the way I feel in this dress.  I'm confident, sexy, talented and hot, and that really shines in this dress! Here's the close up of the central motif.

I then thought of this great scissor detail for the petal sleeve.

Finally what would a tattoo dress be without a cut out for my tattoo!

I've shared one of my absolute faves with you all today, what's the "it" item in your closet? Leave me comment so I can get a feel for what you love.

Sweet Caroline.

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