Friday, May 2, 2014

Me Made May, for the very first time

I'm extremely pumped to be doing Me Made May for the first time. Im going to try to wear one me made item per day.  It shouldn't be too tough, plus I do have sewcial plans for May, so im sure some brand new items will be joining the lineup.

My first item is a dress I made two years ago when I was working in St. Louis. Its drafted from my own bodice sloper. The fabric is from DS Quilts fabric, I just love her retro inspired prints.  I did a simple straight skirt and the all star of the dress, the offset Peter Pan collar. Its just so fun and easy to wear. Hope you enjoy.


  1. Been thinking about a PP collar for some time - a challenge on my list. Love your self drafted dress - looks fabulous. Enjoy MMM14

  2. Hey Linda, I am in love with Peter Pan collars, perhaps more than I should be. It pops up quite frequently in my projects. Thanks for commenting. I'm already enjoying MMM14.