Friday, May 2, 2014

Let's take a moment for the horror that is seam ripping.

I would like to briefly address the absolute agony that is seam ripping.  First and foremost this is coming from a place of very raw agony as I have done my fair share of seam ripping today.  The project I was slaving over is this fabulous top, well I have hopes that it will be fabulous anyhow, and needless to say it has not been going according to Hoyle. It is my foray into knits for this months Monthly Stitch theme. I will be sharing it upon completion, because that is not the point of this post.

I was trying to put in a t-shirt neck edge with self fabric and it just kept coming out wonky and uneven. I swear I was nearing a temper tantrum state and it was feeling incredibly volatile in the studio.  I took this collar out three times.  Those of you who have seam ripped before know that once you have ripped that seam you are left with tiny awful threads that can be tough to get out.  However if you leave them they poke out of your seam and make you look a hot mess.  It is so infuriating.

I do however have a solution to this problem.  Its a trick that a friend and I stumbled upon whilst seam ripping 1600 feet of cording (it was a process extremely lacking in fun, though I did have good company).  It all started with an eraser...

Look I know it sounds crazy, but an eraser is a huge problem solver with seam ripping.  Once you've torn it your take your eraser and run it over the area with the little tiny specks of thread.  It pretty much rocks at taking them away.  I will add one disclaimer, I would suggest using a white eraser.  I had a pink one and it left pink on the fabric.  Also if you're worried about that, you could always make sure to erase from the back side.

One of my favorite new little sewing hacks.  I hope you enjoy it.!

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