Thursday, May 1, 2014

Call me ambitious, I made a schedule for May.

Hne l am pleased to say that I have created a new schedule for my May blogging. l have an ambitious plan that involves posting twice per week. This feels crazy and exciting. I think that I can do this but please bear with me as I endeavor to become an allstar. 

That said I am trying out a new series on Thursdays where I'll break down some basics of garment sewing.   I will then do follow ups with other ways to do this that are either fun, functional or add a dash of style. Im pretty excited for this, and if you can think of anything you're dying to know about, please let me know.  I want to bring that to you!

Here's the May schedule,  things to watch for:

May 5th- Two post bonus, Lucky Lucille's Sew For Victory and Project Sewn's Leading Ladies Challenge
May 8th- 1st mini post on under stitching
May 12th- Project Sewn week 2
May 15th- Using facings with under stitching and linings
May 19th- Project Sewn week 3
May 22nd- Under stitching with piping
May 26th- Project Sewn week 4
May 29th- Let's talk linings
May 31st- A recap for May

Alright you guys I've put it out there. Keep tuned in and we'll see what happens. Stay tuned and enjoy.

My excited face!

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